The Midlands Society of Anaesthetists (MSA)
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Fit4Surgery – Dr Sandy Jack, (Southampton) confirmed as a speaker for Autumn Meeting!


THE MSA IS 50 in November 2017

The Online home of the Midlands Society of Anaesthetists.

Next Meeting: 21st November 2017 Autumn Meeting

Autumn Scientific Meeting and Trainees Prize

Motorcycle Museum Solihull

The Midlands Society of Anaesthetists is a specialist society for all practising anaesthesia in the West Midlands.

The MSA was founded in 1967 to support Anaesthetists in the East and West Midlands. It is not-for profit organisation run by Anaesthetists for Anaesthetists. We run three meetings per year of exceptional value for money Providing quality CPD and networking opportunities.

The MSA needs the support of anaesthetists in the Midlands.

2017 promises to have some interesting developments and CPD will be at the heart of revalidation.

The MSA aims to support the profession through quality, affordable CPD and regional networking.

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